October 30, 2016

2016: ITP Highlight # 09

ITP field studies found nearly 40,000 ha. of wastewater irrigation in Maharashtra generating cash profits worth US$ 70 million. Palrecha and others describe this rapidly growing peri-urban economy...

Wastewater Irrigation in Maharashtra

An exploration

Alka Palrecha, Nihal Sakhare, Shraddha Patkar, Shraddha Sule, Sancy Sebastian and Mukta Ramola

Wastewater irrigation is not new in Maharashtra and the Government of Maharashtra as well as farmers are beginning to recognize its value as a drought response. This Highlight presents a synthesis of field explorations in 11 locations in Maharashtra which cover the extent of wastewater irrigation; economics of wastewater and freshwater use; farmers' preferences and perceptions about wastewater; and how they are adapting to its use in agriculture.

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