January 15, 2016

ITP Video: SPaRC'ing a Revolution

In 2015, IWMI and CCAFS set up a field pilot in Thamna village to understand the impact of net-metered solar irrigation pumps on pumping behavior, energy use and farmers' income. This IWMI video captures work under the SPaRC [Solar Power as Remunerative Crop] initiative.

SPaRC'ing a Revolution

Solar pumping has the potential to revolutionize​​ ​​Indian agriculture by offering farmers ​​reliable and clean irrigation service along with an opportunity to grow solar power as a crop. If promoted smartly, net metered solar pumps that allow farmers to evacuate surplus power, can help farmers earn up to 20 times more per hectare than any other crop. Solar irrigation pumps, therefore, can be a composite Energy-Water-Livelihoods-Carbon solution rather than just 'green' pumping tools.

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  1. This is a brilliant idea. But one major concern is implementation, adoption and sustainable of the same. I am not sure if the cooperatives would work as India has a long history of failures in cooperatives w r t agriculture.