Practitioner Fellowship

Research Fellowship for Development Professionals

IWMI-Tata Practitioner Fellowship
ITP invites applications for 3 – 12 month research fellowships / sabbaticals for development professionals. The idea behind the fellowship is to offer an opportunity to development practitioners to take an academic break and engage with a practical research problem related to their work in the field. The chosen research problem – to be finalized in consultation with ITP – will be policy / action oriented and fit broadly within ITP’s broad mandate.

Who can apply?

Applications are invited from development professionals who are currently engaged on a full-time basis with a grassroots NGO /CSO. Applicants will require a letter of consent from their host organizations with the condition that they will continue to pay their salary for the entire duration of the fellowship.

What does the Fellowship Offer?

Chosen ITP ‘practitioner fellows’ will work in a nurturing environment and get top quality academic supervision from ITP and IWMI scientists. Each fellowship will be uniquely designed and it will be possible for the fellows to divide their fellowship time between ITP Anand (Gujarat) and their home base.

While the fellows will continue to receive their salary, while they are in Anand, ITP will offer them reasonable accommodation and an additional living allowance of ₹10,000 per month for out-of-pocket expenses. ITP will also offer II AC train fare between the fellows’ home base and Anand. In addition, the program will cover all costs related to the fellows’ research including local travel, fieldwork and data collection costs.

What will be the duration of the fellowship?

Each IWMI-Tata Practitioner Fellowship will be uniquely designed in consultation with the fellow and his/her host organization to make sure that the fellows can make the most of the fellowship without having to unduly give up on their work responsibilities. The fellowships will range from 3 months to one year and the duration of the fellowship can be divided in such a way that the fellow spends some time at Anand and the rest at their home location.

Can I take up any research topic / theme?

In principle, yes! IWMI-Tata works on a vast range of theme and its mandate – though primarily water policy – includes issues relating to energy, food, agriculture, climate, poverty and livelihoods. As long as the chosen topic is policy relevant and has the potential to make a useful contribution to IWMI-Tata’s research portfolio, ITP will be happy to support it. It is also important that the chosen topic / theme of research relates to the fellows’ ongoing work; and ideally helps them become better practitioners and thought leaders in the medium to long run.

How to apply?

Applicants are requested to fill-in the online application form here and submit it along with a copy of their updated resume. Potential applicants can write to us at if they have any questions about the fellowship.