About ITP

IWMI-Tata Water Policy Program

The IWMI-Tata Water Policy Research Program, or ITP, was launched in 2000-01 as a co-equal partnership between the International Water Management Institute, Colombo and Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Mumbai. The program presents new perspectives and practical solutions derived from the wealth of research done in India on water resource management. Its objective is to help policy makers at the central, state and local levels address their water challenges – in areas such as sustainable groundwater management, water scarcity, and rural poverty – by translating research findings into practical policy recommendations. Through this program, IWMI collaborates with a range of partners across India to identify, analyze and document relevant water-management approaches and current practices. These practices are assessed and synthesized for maximum policy impact in the series on Water Policy Highlights and IWMI-Tata Comments.

IWMI and ITP produce global public goods and all ITP publications are accessible to everyone for free. A complete list of all ITP publications can be found here.