2012: ITP Highlights

# Title Author(s)
1. The Other Side of India's Electricity-Groundwater Nexus: The disruptive impact of tube well irrigation on rural development in western India (READ») Nisha Nair and Tushaar Shah PDF
(574 kb)
2. How did West Bengal Bell the Proverbial Cat of Agricultural Metering? The economics and politics of groundwater (READ») Aditi Mukherji and Arijit Das PDF
(357 kb)
3. Incentivizing Irrigation Departments to Collect Irrigation Service Fee: Will the 12th Plan proposal for National Irrigation Management Fund (NIMF) work? (READ») Meghna Brahmachari PDF
(429 kb)
4. Coping with Seasonal Peak in Power Demand for Irrigation: Pros and cons of temporary farm power connections in Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal (READ») Tushaar Shah, Paratha Sarathi Banerji, Ayan Roy and Shashank Singhania PDF
(688 kb)
5. Poor State of Irrigation Statistics in India: The case of wells and tube wells (READ») Stuti Rawat and Aditi Mukherji PDF
(1,257 kb)
6. Organizational Reform in Gujarat's Electricity Utility: Lessons for Revitalizing a Bureaucratic Service Delivery Agency (READ») Tushaar Shah, Madhavi Mehta, Gopi Sankar and Shankar Mondal PDF
(1,058 kb)
7. Impact of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI): Analysis of SRI Practices in 13 States of India (READ») K. Palanisami, K.R. Karunakaran and Upali Amarasinghe PDF
(1,940 kb)
8. Labor Market Dynamics in Post-MGNREGA Rural India (READ») Shilp Verma and Tushaar Shah PDF
(450 kb)
9. Reinventing Agricultural Extension: Preliminary assessment of Gujarat's Krishi Mahotsav (Agrarian Festival) (READ») Tushaar Shah, Itishree Patnaik, Sonal Bhatt, G. Kopa and Amita Shah PDF
(342 kb)
10. Unlocking Value out of India's Rainfed Farming Areas (READ») Bharat Sharma PDF
(405 kb)
11. Ten Things to Learn from the Dug Well Recharge Program (READ») Sunderrajan Krishnan PDF
(534 kb)
12. Irrigating with Arsenic Contaminated Groundwater in the Bengal Delta: A review of mitigation options (READ») Narmadha Senanayke and Aditi Mukherji PDF
(297 kb)
13. Accelerated Sectoral Development Programs: What can water sector learn from power sector? (READ») Tushaar Shah and Mahendra Singh PDF
(309 kb)
14. Redefining Irrigation as if Gender Mattered (READ») Seema Kulkarni PDF
(266 kb)
15. Performance of Participatory Irrigation Management: A study of two water users associations in Anand district of Gujarat (READ») Sonal Bhatt PDF
(282 kb)
16. The National River Linking Project of India: Some contentious issues (READ») Upali Amarasinghe PDF
(1,526 kb)
17. Irrigation Modernization, Chinese Style: Report on a field visit to Shijin irrigation system, Hebei province (READ») Tushaar Shah, Khalid Mohatadulla and Asad Qureshi PDF
(688 kb)
18. Irrigation, Economic Benefits and Women: Evidence from two case studies in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh (READ») Amita Shah and Seema Kulkarni PDF
(266 kb)
19. Whose Water Is It Anyway? Evolving rights over canal water in Guhai irrigation system, Gujarat (READ») Meghna Brahmachari and Seema Dave PDF
(321 kb)
20. Potential and Challenges in Up-scaling Micro-irrigation in India: Experiences from nine states (READ») K. Palanisami and S. Raman PDF
(332 kb)
21. Winds of Change in Ancient Irrigation Civilization of Sri Lanka's North Central Dry Zone (READ») Tushaar Shah, Madar Samad, Ranjit Ariyaratne and K. Jinapala PDF
(410 kb)
22. Assessing Social and Gender Equity in the Water Sector (READ») Sneha Bhat, Ravindra Pomane and Seema Kulkarni PDF
(311 kb)
23. How WUAs Facilitate Direct Groundwater Regulation: A case study of Minqin county, China (READ») Eefje Aarnoudse, Bettina Bluemling, Philippus Wester and Wei Qu PDF
(266 kb)
24. Fencing Women in Water User Associations: An appraisal of gender strategy for Participatory Irrigation Management in Tamil Nadu (READ») K. Gulam Dastaghir PDF
(257 kb)
25. Canal Irrigation Conundrum: Applying Contingency Theory to Irrigation System Management in India (READ») Tushaar Shah PDF
(304 kb)
26. Solar-Powered Pump Irrigation and India’s Groundwater Economy: A Preliminary Discussion of Opportunities and Threats (READ») Tushaar Shah and Avinash Kishore PDF
(1,467 kb)
27. An Experiment in Solar Power Based Community Tube-wells for Irrigation in Nalanda District Bihar: An Assessment (READ») Rakesh Tiwary PDF
(1,546 kb)
28. Gender Equity, Water and Food Security in Drought Prone Areas: A Case Study of Odisha and Gujarat (READ») Basanta K. Sahu PDF
(1,468 kb)
29. Agricultural Growth and Rural Dynamism: Why is Saurashtra Firing on All Cylinders While Vidarbha is Limping Along? (READ») Tushaar Shah, Yashree Mehta and Vivek Kher PDF
(1,326 kb)
30. Wastewater Irrigation in Gujarat: An Exploratory Study (READ») Alka Palrecha, Dheeraj Kapoor and Teja Malladi PDF
(2,644 kb)
31. Chasing the Paper Trail in an Irrigation System: Guidance for Third Party Verification for the Release of Incentives Under the National Irrigation Management Fund (READ») Nisha Nair, Raja Panchal and Rahul Agrawal PDF
(1,551 kb)
32. Efficacy of Employment Generation Programs in Providing Water Security: An Assessment of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) in Madhya Pradesh (READ») R.P.S. Malik PDF
(2,053 kb)
33. Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority: An Assessment (READ») SOPPECOM PDF
(1,763 kb)
34. A Review of International Experience in Managing Energy Irrigation Nexus (READ») Aditi Mukherji and Tushaar Shah PDF
(1,073 kb)
35. Solar Irrigation Pumps: The Rajasthan experience (READ») Nidhi Prabha Tewari PDF
(2,319 kb)
36. Managing Energy-Irrigation Nexus in India (READ») Aditi Mukherji, Tushaar Shah and Mark Giordano PDF
(397 kb)
37. Andhra Pradesh Farmer Managed Groundwater Systems (APFAMGS): A reality check (READ») Shilp Verma, Sunderrajan Krishnan, Ankith Reddy V. and K. Rajendra Reddy PDF
(335 kb)
38. Rural Electrification for a Second Green Revolution in West Bengal (READ») Aditi Mukherji PDF
(337 kb)
39. Safe Water and Nutritional Improvements: Opportunities for long-term health advancements (READ») Sunderrajan Krishnan and Rajnarayan Indu PDF
(291 kb)
40. Hydro, Hydrogeological Constraints to Managed Aquifer Recharge in the Indo Gangetic Plains (READ») S.A. Prathapar, B.R. Sharma and P.K. Aggarwal PDF
(305 kb)
41. Strategies of Sustainable Nutrition to address Fluorosis and Malnutrition in Children (READ») Suneetha Sapur PDF
(269 kb)
42. Beyond Digging and Filling Holes: Lessons from case studies of best-performing MGNREGA water assets (READ») Shilp Verma and Tushaar Shah PDF
(700 kb)
43. Micro-Irrigation Subsidies in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh: Implications for market dynamics and growth (READ») Hemant K. Pullabhotla, Chandan Kumar and Shilp Verma PDF
(292 kb)
44. Experience of Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and the Allied Trusts in Promoting System of Rice Intensification (SRI): What the results indicate (READ») Biswanath Sinha, Tushar Dash and Ashutosh Pal PDF
(334 kb)
45. Situational Analysis of WUAs in Maharashtra (READ») SOPPECOM PDF
(272 kb)
46. Impact of Metering of Tube Wells on Groundwater Use in West Bengal (READ») J.V. Meenakshi, Abhijit Banerji, Aditi Mukherji and Anubhab Gupta PDF
(301 kb)
47. Assessing the Agrarian Impact of Decentralized Water Harvesting at the Basin Scale: A discussion on methodology (READ») Shilp Verma and Sunderrajan Krishnan PDF
(477 kb)
48. How do Small Farmers become Prosperous? Some observations and questions (READ») Avinash Kishore, Sneha Lamba, Tushaar Shah and Nidhi Prabha Tewari PDF
(1,138 kb)
49. Role of Decentralized Rainwater Harvesting and Artificial Recharge in Reversal of Groundwater Depletion in the Arid and Semi-arid Regions of Gujarat, India (READ») R.C. Jain PDF
(588 kb)
50. Mapping the Hydrological Processes in a Community-Reconfigured River Basin: Some conceptual issues and results from a simple dry run (READ») Sunderrajan Krishnan and Shilp Verma PDF
(7,195 kb)
51. The 2010 Rajasthan State Water Policy and the Urbanization of Water (READ») Trevor Birkenholtz PDF
(332 kb)
52. From Small Farmers towards Prosperous Farmers: Four case studies from Gujarat (READ») Sneha Lamba PDF
(347 kb)
53. Cities as Sources of Irrigation Water: An Indian scenario (READ») Priyanie Amerasinghe, Mahesh Jampani and Pay Drechsel PDF
(2,050 kb)

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