April 12, 2016

2016: ITP Highlight # 04

ITP studies have reported that more than 30,000 ha is irrigated with wastewater in Gujarat. Is the situation similar outside Gujarat? Gupta and others explore two locations in Karnataka...

Wastewater Irrigation in Karnataka

An exploration

Mahima Gupta, Vandana Ravindra and Alka Palrecha

The availability of reliable and permanent supply of wastewater from urban areas like Hubli–Dharwad and Vijayapura in Karnataka has enabled peri-urban farmers to sustain their farming livelihoods. Proximity to cities has helped farmers adopt year-round, intensive vegetable cultivation. Apart from the increase in crop yield due to high nutrients available in the wastewater, it also makes cultivation a profitable venture during the summer season. however, there are adverse health impacts of irrigating with untreated wastewater and intensive application of pesticides to fight the pests that infest these crops. Through a case study approach, this highlight attempts to analyze the current status of wastewater generation, its uses and benefits along with farmers' perceptions about its negative health impacts.

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