November 17, 2012

2012: Highlight # 43

While the growth of micro-irrigation technologies continues to drag elsewhere in India, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh seem to buck the trend. Pullabhotla and others explore the reasons for this...

Micro-irrigation Subsidies in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh

Implications for market dynamics and growth

Hemant K. Pullabhotla, Chandan Kumar and Shilp Verma

Despite a slew of positive studies and years of government and NGO promotion, farmer enthusiasm for micro-irrigation technologies has been lukewarm in most parts of India. In recent years, however, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh are witnessing rapid expansion in the area under these technologies. Operating through special purpose vehicles - Gujarat Green Revolution Company (GGRC) and Andhra Pradesh Micro Irrigation Project (APMIP) - both these states seem to have found farmer-friendly ways of delivering micro-irrigation subsidies. Based on 2009 IRMA-IWMI internship report, this Highlight unpacks and compares the two innovative models and draws lessons for implementing agencies wanting to replicate their success.

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