November 15, 2012

2012: Highlight # 41

Why is there an increasing incidence of juvenile skeletal fluorosis in India? Suneetha Sapur attributes it to malnutrition, apart from unsafe water and prescribes urgent remedial action.

Strategies of Sustainable Nutrition to address Fluorosis and Malnutrition in children

Suneetha Sapur

Debilitating Juvenile Skeletal Fluorosis is a recent phenomenon in India. Why could it be happening? In this Highlight, the author unveils this problem and attributes its main cause to mother and child malnutrition apart from unsafe water. The answer to this problem lies in addressing malnutrition problem of the mother and child along with provision of safe fluoride-free water. Since traditional dietary patterns are not satisfying nutritional needs and therefore leading to this problem; suggestions ask for changes to such dietary patterns. Also, there is a call for external interventions such as fortification and supplementation to enhance nutritional intake in fluoride affected areas. Problems such as juvenile fluorosis are symptomatic of deeper problems that are hidden beneath the surface. Before generational changes occur, the suggestions prescribed need to be urgently acted upon.

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