February 25, 2005

2005: Highlight # 9

Tiwary argues that the Indo-Bangladesh water sharing relationship offers lessons for inter and intra-state water dispute resolution. What might these lessons be...

The Dynamics of Conflicts over Transboundary Waters

Analyzing the Indo- Bangladesh Case

Rakesh Tiwary

The traditionally discussed factors of conflict over transboundary waters such as riparian structure and associated privileges/disadvantages, seasonal availability, and regional hierarchy are fairly stable for long period of time to explain the dynamics of water resource access and utilization.

Interactions between India and Bangladesh over transboundary waters has acquired a dynamic nature on the account of nation state formation, international relations, domestic political processes, demands of water security and differential negotiation tools to protect their respective interests.

In recent times India and Bangladesh have demonstrated growing maturity over tenets of equitable sharing of transboundary water that has considerable significance for inter and intrastate water dispute resolution in the region.

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