February 26, 2005

2005: Comment # 16

How will India's water economy look like in 2050? Noted economist Dr. Nilkantha Rath responds to ITP's queries and discusses demography, demand and techno-economic trends...

India's Water Future

Responses to ITP's Delphi Questionnaire

Nilkantha Rath

Under the theme of 'India's Water Future 2025/2050', the IWMI-Tata Water Policy Program (ITP) initiated a Delphi study to compile views of experts on how India's water economy would look like in 2050. This Comment is based on the detailed responses received by us from Dr. Nilkantha Rath.

Our questionnaire focused on three specific themes: [1] size, structure and habitat of India's demography; [2] future sources of growth in meeting irrigation and domestic water requirements; and [3] global techno-economic trends and India's water future. Dr. Rath's responses, however, transcended these boundaries and present a lucid overview of India's water economy and its potential future dimensions.

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