January 25, 2003

2003: Highlight # 5

North Gujarat has become a basket case for groundwater depletion. Kumar discusses various options for sustainable groundwater management in the region...

Micro Management of Groundwater in North Gujarat

M. Dinesh Kumar

Hydrological opportunities for water harvesting and recharging vary significantly from year to year in accordance with the variation in excess runoff from catchments. For groundwater recharging to be efficacious, artificial recharge systems need to be designed and built properly so as to put runoff water directly into the aquifer.

Groundwater availability and land use pattern affect the technical feasibility and economic opportunity for adoption of different water saving technologies. Pressurised irrigation systems would find greater acceptance among resource rich farmers who are not able to irrigate their entire field, or farmers who have low yielding wells. Micro-tube drip systems and sub-surface irrigation systems are more suitable for water buyers and partners in tubewell commands.

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